Why M. Wackell Interior Renovations

M. Wackell Interior renovations – bathroom, kitchen, basement remodeling & renovation services, Worcester ma, millbury ma, central maWhat sets me apart from other remodeling contractors? I love what I do and I am extremely passionate about remodeling, woodworking and all that it entails. As owner of the business my reward comes from building strong relationships, providing a superior and quality product and delivering customer satisfaction.

My mission is simple: "to provide service in the most professional and timely manner; and, in a way that is least disruptive to your family life."

Customer satisfaction is the main reason that I have so many repeat customers and receive so many referrals from previous clients. Be sure to check out the Testimonials page of this website.

“Still need convincing? Here are other reasons why you should hire M. Wackell Interior Renovations for your remodeling project”

Owner-Operated Business

I have been in the remodeling business for over 20 years and am widely known for my knowledge and expertise in the woodworking field. I respect your home as much as my own and, fully understand that your project will need to fit within a specific budget. I am steadfast in providing clients with high quality craftsmanship at a reasonable cost.

When you chose M. Wackell Interior Renovations for your project, you get professional and quality work; that is guaranteed because I do the majority of the work. Vision is important for your remodeling project and that, too, is a job I’m skilled at. I’ll work with you to visualize the final results and will help keep you focused throughout the project. Be assured, too, that only highest quality materials will be used.

In some cases, a sub-contractor is needed for services such as plumbing and electrical. Only those contractors with whom I have a long-standing business relationship with are hired. They are fully licensed, independent contractors who have been in business for many years. I assure you that they are experts in their related field of work and share my work ethic and professionalism. You will have the opportunity to meet them before they start their work.

Wood Shop

M. Wackell Interior renovations – bathroom, kitchen, basement remodeling & renovation services, Worcester ma, millbury ma, central maIn 2002, I designed and built my own woodshop, giving me the distinct advantage of not having to rely on vendors to provide cabinets and product on time. For the client - this saves time, eliminates frustration and guarantees that the project will stay on-schedule.

Another benefit for my clients is that they will have furniture, custom cabinets and entertainment centers that are well constructed with solid wood, not particle board. Choosing the right material for your custom pieces is extremely important for its durability and effectiveness. You can choose from a variety of specialty wood veneers, as well as hardware items such as knobs, pulls and drawer slides. You’ll have the option to weigh style and color considerations against the ability to resist scratching, chipping and/or staining.

Your custom-built furniture will add to the uniqueness of your home by its very nature, it will be one-of a-kind. Designed and built to your specifications, it will be exactly what you want. And, it will be around for generations to come because of the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship that go into making each individual piece. Custom built-ins such as cabinets and entertainment centers will add overall value to your home.


M. Wackell Interior renovations – bathroom, kitchen, basement remodeling & renovation services, Worcester ma, millbury ma, central maYou’ve all heard about homeowners that have been ripped off by less-than-reputable or unskilled contractors. That will not happen to you with M. Wackell Interior Renovations. I take pride in telling you that I am dependable in a world of undependable contractors.

Whether it’s due to work or family, I appreciate how hectic a client’s life can sometimes be. Time-management is very important when planning a project. You can depend on me to work with you in a professional and timely manner - from the first phone call to the completion of the project.

I understand, that because of your many other financial obligations your home project must fit within a specified and usually pre-determined budget. For this reason and for proper planning, you will be provided with a fairly accurate estimated cost of the project, with complete details. That way, you will have an opportunity to review the estimate and make changes if necessary.

Once the contract is agreed upon and signed, work will begin. All work will be done in a way that is least disruptive to your family life. I will show up on-time, the work-site will be left orderly each day and will be clean when the project is completed. I have earned a long-standing reputation of integrity, professional service and quality craftsmanship. My goal is to leave each client being 100% satisfied and happy to refer me to others.


I am a licensed Home Improvement Contactor and a licensed Massachusetts Construction Supervisor.


M. Wackell Interior renovations – bathroom, kitchen, basement remodeling & renovation services, Worcester ma, millbury ma, central ma“Craftsman: a man who practices a craft with great skill.”
American Heritage Dictionary

My love of woodworking started when I was young and green. Drawn to using a variety of tools to design and build things, I learned from master and diligent craftsmen: my father and grandfather. Woodshop class in high school also influenced me; it was during these years that my love and passion for woodworking really took shape.

My 20 years in the remodeling and renovation business has been a journey that has allowed me to learn and perfect my craft and to further develop art and design skills that add value for clients. From a project’s beginning to its end I love what I do and enjoy the sense of satisfaction client’s feel, especially, when their project is completed.


M. Wackell Interior Renovations is committed:

  • To providing professional, quality and ethical services
  • To helping bring vision to your project and to helping you with design and focus
  • To using the best of materials on your project
  • To respecting your time and to bring your project in on time and on budget
  • To leaving you with an orderly space throughout the project and a clean space at the end
  • To performing the majority of the work myself and to use only licensed and trained expert subs only as needed

You owe it to yourself to call M. Wackell Interior Renovations. Your home should be exactly what you want it to be - without exception.